22 September 2011

Hobo or Snob: Prada vs. River Island

Prada Fall 2011
Apologies about my long absence on here, but better late than never as I just had to share River Island's take on Prada's 60's Mondrian style dresses. As usual with a lot of these high street rip offs the designer versions aren't readily available online just yet, but I predict River Island's take will be a high street hit for all those keen to try the 60's trend so ubiquitous this fall
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Shop the River Island 60's Style
1. Black Colour Drop Waist dress £45 @ River Island
2. Grey Colour Drop Waist Dress £45 @ River Island
3. Green Colour Block pleated Skirt £32 @ River Island
4. Red Colour Block Pleated Kilt Mini Skirt £32 @ River Island
And for those really hungry to rip the Prada style, Zara has got some lovely snakeskin footwear you can pair up with your lovely River Island purchases
1. Two Tone Sandals with Tassels £69.99 @ Zara
2. Snake Skin Wide Heel Boot £129 @ Zara
3. Combined Snake Skin Boot £119 @ Zara
And finally here is how to style it like Prada high street style, add a  polo neck underneath a dress or skirt (as shown below), finish up by accessorizing with snakeskin bag or boots
1. Polo Neck Top £7.99 @ H&M 
2. Combined Snake Skin Boot £119 @ Zara
3. Green Colour Block pleated Skirt £32 @ River Island
4Emma Faux Snake skin Bag £15 @ Boohoo.com


GlassesShop said...

Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.

Daphne W. Collins said...

I have checked out all wish list and think these
women accessories are wonderful. The shoes, bag and mini skirt are really affordable. I love this store as there are lots of women accessories that are most essential. Lovely post and thank you.