22 September 2011

Hobo or Snob: Prada vs. River Island

Prada Fall 2011
Apologies about my long absence on here, but better late than never as I just had to share River Island's take on Prada's 60's Mondrian style dresses. As usual with a lot of these high street rip offs the designer versions aren't readily available online just yet, but I predict River Island's take will be a high street hit for all those keen to try the 60's trend so ubiquitous this fall
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Shop the River Island 60's Style
1. Black Colour Drop Waist dress £45 @ River Island
2. Grey Colour Drop Waist Dress £45 @ River Island
3. Green Colour Block pleated Skirt £32 @ River Island
4. Red Colour Block Pleated Kilt Mini Skirt £32 @ River Island
And for those really hungry to rip the Prada style, Zara has got some lovely snakeskin footwear you can pair up with your lovely River Island purchases
1. Two Tone Sandals with Tassels £69.99 @ Zara
2. Snake Skin Wide Heel Boot £129 @ Zara
3. Combined Snake Skin Boot £119 @ Zara
And finally here is how to style it like Prada high street style, add a  polo neck underneath a dress or skirt (as shown below), finish up by accessorizing with snakeskin bag or boots
1. Polo Neck Top £7.99 @ H&M 
2. Combined Snake Skin Boot £119 @ Zara
3. Green Colour Block pleated Skirt £32 @ River Island
4Emma Faux Snake skin Bag £15 @ Boohoo.com

16 August 2011

The Hottest High Street Buys of the Week (Women's & Men's)

This weeks edition of  Hot high Street Buys is a dress special
1. Fashion has gone Gaga for Polka Dot and this lovely number is spot on £28 @ River Island
2. Capture the Spirit of the 60's in this swinging number £18 @ Peacocks
3. This lovely V-neck swinging 60's dress is perfect on its own with ankle boots or better yet still, slip a finely knitted turtle neck jumper underneath for a Preppy style look £35 @ Dorothy perkins

4. Absolutely awesome is the way to describe this fantastic colour blocked tunic, wear it Balenciaga style with a pair of smartly tailored trousers £14 @ Matalan
5. Chic is the best way to describe this hit number which taps into falls trend for ladylike glamour £55 @ Oasis
6. The Spirit of the 60's is alive indeed with this Prada-esque Mondrian style dress £45 @ Wallis

7. The end of summer need not signal the end of Floral numbers, pair this lovely floral number with tights and boots, plus it comes with a lovely chic belt £40 @ Awear
8. This Dolce & Gabbana-esque Tiger print number  is a Hot buy £28 @ Topshop
9. 40's style glamour is the rage this fall, this lovely number captures that trend nicely £67 @ French Connection
10. Rounding off the top 10 hot dresses is this 70's style bow dress £40 @ asos
This weeks Top Ten Buys for the Guys
1. Corduroys are huge this fall, pair this lovely blazer with everything from Chinos to Jeans - Olive Cord Skinny Blazer £70 @ Topman
2. A check shirt is never out of fashion £18 @ Peacocks
3. Chambray Shirts are proving to be wardrobe staples these days, add a bit of an edge with this cowl neck pair £18 @ Matalan
4. A clean pair of understated shoes deserve to be part or ever man's wardrobe £69.99 @ Office
5.  Minimalist style T-Shirts like this are perfect for Autumn £16 @ River island
6. Clean understated belts are versatile and can be worn with everything from suits to Jeans £12 @ asos
7. Nothing looks more flattering than a pair of clean cut Indigo jeans like this lovely pair from Lee £80 @ asos.com
8. take a step back in time or should I say ahead with this retro but yet futuristic style back pack £45 @ Asos
9. Invest in  a pair of quality Rain Boots, I love this Lacoste ones £70 @ Asos

Dolce & Gabbana Star Print Trend

Star print dresses and Accessories on the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 runway
Following the tremendous success and popularity of their White summery dresses, Dolce & Gabbana are leading the way once more with their star print dresses and accessories which has and is still been worn eagerly by Major A listers, not one to be left behind the high street have jumped on the trend too
Fergie, Evan rachel Wood, Solange and Zoe Saladana are just some of the Celebrities who've been spotted wearing Dolce & Gabbana Star print Clothing
More Star print dresses and Accessories on the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 runway

Helping themselves conveniently to this trend is a fashion website called McBerry, they've successfully ripped off the designs and they have no qualms making the source of their inspiration known as they've included pictures from the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 catwalk alongside their dresses
McBerry's Dolce & Gabbana style Star Print dresses
1. Floral Sequin and Lace Insert Star Print dress £75 @ Mcberry.co.uk
2. Star print puffball Dress £69 @ Mcberry.co.uk
3. Star print dress £79 @ McBerry
4. Star print lace Bustier Dress £65 @ McBerry
5. Star Print navy Puffball dress £69 @ McBerry
6. Star Print Draped Dress £69 @ McBerry.co.uk

The rest of the High Street also have a great star Print Range
1. Belted star print  dress £45 @ Asos2. Star Drop earrings £2.99 @ New Look
3. Star print headscarf £3.99 @ New Look
4. Star print peg Leg trousers £24.99 @ Asos 

5.  Star Print Tank Top £25 @ River Island
6. Horatio Star Print Bow Courts £69 @ Kurt Geiger
7. Star Print Skater Dress £14 @ Matalan.co.uk
8. Star print Wide leg Jumpsuit £80 @ Oasis
9. Star Pussy Bow Sleeveless Blouse £22.99 @ New Look
10. Star tights £8.50 @ Miss Selfridge

Gucci versus The High Street

Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 Runway
One of my favourite summer trends was colour Blocking and no one did it better than Gucci as you can see from the image above. The high street was awash with lots of juicy colours all spring and now that fall is approaching, Gucci's Summer colour blocking style and accessories are still making waves on the high street. Here are some Gucci style outfits heating up the High streets
1. Red Colour Block Two in One dress £65 @ Debenhams
2. Metallic Obi Belt £15 @ Asos.com
3. Colour Block Halter Dress £70 @ Oasis
4. Colour Block Halter Dress £70 @ Oasis
5. Priti Barely There sandals £75 @ Topshop

Now for a closer inspection

Oh yes, Topshop's Priti Barely sandals were clearly inspired by Gucci's Kelis Heels
Left: Gucci's Kelis Heels £282.50 @ Gucci.com
Right: Priti Barely There sandals £75 @ Topshop 
So is Asos's Metallic Belt

Now for some Gucci Style High Street Styling Tricks
This Debenham's number was clearly inspired by Gucci's colour blocked dress, Go for the total Gucci look by swapping the skinny belt for Asos Metallic Obi belt and Topshop's Priti Barely sandals
Get the Gucci look by accessorizing this oasis Colour Blocked dress with metallic elements
1.Colour Block Halter Dress £70 @ Oasis
2.Metallic Obi Belt £15 @ Asos.com
3. Priti Barely there sandals £75 @ Topshop
Colour Block Jewel tone Seperates with metallic accessories
1. Long Sleeve twist Detail Knot Body £25 @ Asos
2. Stretch Satin Skirt £45 @ Oasis
3. Metallic Obi Belt £15 @ Asos.com 
4. Priti Barely There sandals £75 @ Topshop 

And in a great excuse to post a picture of one of my favourite Diva's, I couldn't help but think Gucci took some inspiration from Miss Ross herself
Notice the Subtle Colour Blocking and the tucked & knotted in t Shirt Miss Ross is Working on the Sleeve of her The Boss LP is very Similar to Gucci's Knotted Colour Block dress

Men's Trend Alert: Corduroy Shirts

Corduroy items especially Corduroy Trousers are on every man's shopping list this fall, also trending right now are other corduroy items like jackets and shirts. Although I've never really considered them, I'm loving the idea of a Corduroy shirt these days, they're versatile and can be colour blocked with other shades of corduroy or worn with Chino's or a clean pair of indigo denims, and as usual with most trends these days, I love the fact that there are a wide range out there catering to various incomes/tastes

For the Snobs out there you've got Burberry's super fitted and  luxurious shirts going for £225 at Mr Porter
Right: Orange Cotton corduroy Shirt £225 @ Mr Porter
Left: Camel Corduroy Shirt £225 @ Mr Porter

And for the Hobo's out there River Island & Topman are offering a great range priced between £30 - £32

I especially love River Island's Military style corduroy shirts
1. Red Corduroy Shirt £32 @ River Island
2. Blue Corduroy Shirt £32 @ River Island
3. Tobacco Shirt £32 @ River Island
Topman take things a step further, adding prints to their cord shirts
1. Burgundy Printed shirt £32 @ Topman
2. Red Corduroy Shirt £32 @ Topman
3. Black printed Corduroy Shirt £32 @ Topman

Hobo or Snob: Stella McCartney vs. Asos

Left: Stella McCartney mesh Polka Dot insert dress at the Fall 2011 Show
Right: One Sleeve Dress with mesh Insert £40 @ Asos
Asos are at it again, this time it's this fall's most loved Polka dot trend getting the Hobo or Snob treatment. Stella McCartney's polka dot Mesh insert dress was clearly the inspiration behind this asos number, once again this designer version hasn't even left its warehouse but its high street copy is available in a  wide range of sizes (sizes 6-18) than the designer version will ever be and at a pocket friendly £40 price too, and oh it comes in blue as well
Blue One Sleeve Dress with mesh Insert £40 @ Asos

Hobo or Snob: Dolce & Gabbana vs. Asos

Left: Bright Boxy Blue Jacket on the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 Runway
Middle & Right: Bright Blue Boxy Jacket £65 @ Asos.com
Gotta love the speed at which the High Street turns out their designer inspired looks, this Dolce and Gabbana Boxy blue Jacket is yet to make it online not to talk of the shops, but Hobo's hungry for designer style on trend fashion can get their hands right now on this Asos version at an extremely pocket friendly £65 price tag.