16 August 2011

Men's Trend Alert: Corduroy Shirts

Corduroy items especially Corduroy Trousers are on every man's shopping list this fall, also trending right now are other corduroy items like jackets and shirts. Although I've never really considered them, I'm loving the idea of a Corduroy shirt these days, they're versatile and can be colour blocked with other shades of corduroy or worn with Chino's or a clean pair of indigo denims, and as usual with most trends these days, I love the fact that there are a wide range out there catering to various incomes/tastes

For the Snobs out there you've got Burberry's super fitted and  luxurious shirts going for £225 at Mr Porter
Right: Orange Cotton corduroy Shirt £225 @ Mr Porter
Left: Camel Corduroy Shirt £225 @ Mr Porter

And for the Hobo's out there River Island & Topman are offering a great range priced between £30 - £32

I especially love River Island's Military style corduroy shirts
1. Red Corduroy Shirt £32 @ River Island
2. Blue Corduroy Shirt £32 @ River Island
3. Tobacco Shirt £32 @ River Island
Topman take things a step further, adding prints to their cord shirts
1. Burgundy Printed shirt £32 @ Topman
2. Red Corduroy Shirt £32 @ Topman
3. Black printed Corduroy Shirt £32 @ Topman

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