9 June 2011

Hobo or Snob: Jimmy Choo vs. Zara

Left: Jimmy Choo's Private Suede Sandals £560 @ net-a-porter.com
Right: Zara's Instep Strappy Sandals £29.99 @ Zara
This edition of Hobo vs. Snob is between Jimmy Choo's Private Suede Sandals and Zara's Classic Instep Strap Sandal which looks like it was clearly Inspired by Jimmy Choo's (note Inspired is the KEYword here). They both come in almost the same shade of Purple, they're both Suede and just about the same height (Jimmy Choo's is 5inches while Zara's is 4.13inches). A major difference and what matters above all, is the price difference between both sandals, while the Jimmy Choo's cost a whopping £560, Zara's cost a measly £29.99. Now of course I'm sure Jimmy Choo sourced the finest leathers, cobblers etc. to add up to that massive price point. Zara's heels are by no means shabby at all and if worn carefully and maintained properly they'll last for years. I'm calling Hobo on this one, how about you dear readers.

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