18 July 2011

Hobo or Snob: Ralph Lauren Purple Label vs. Topman

Left: Ralph Lauren Purple Label Suede Shirt £1,565 @ Mr Porter
Right: Mustard Suede Shacket £90 @ Topman.com
Oh dear, looks like I've been spending way too much time on Topman.com as i couldn't help but notice the similarity  once more between this lovely Mustard Shacket and Polo Ralph Lauren Purple Label Suede shirt. Now God forbid I compare the fabrics and cut, as we all know Ralph Lauren Purple label will win on all accounts, but as a suede shirt priced at a quite modest £90 in comparison to Ralph Lauren's £1,565 tag, Topman's mustard Shacket isn't shabby at all, if styled properly, it'd looks just as good. I personally love how it has been styled with a printed shirt as can be seen below, and during those winter months take a cue from how the Ralph Lauren purple label has been styled and add a Polo neck knit underneath
Left: Ralph Lauren Purple Label Suede Shirt £1,565 @ Mr Porter
Right: Mustard Suede Shacket £90 @ Topman.com

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