18 July 2011

Hobo or Snob: Alexander McQueen vs. Miss Selfridge

Left: Skull Print Cashmere Scarf  £245 @ Net-a-Porter
Right: Skull print Silk Chiffon Scarf £165 @ Net-a-Porter
Alexander McQueen's iconic skull print scarf gets the Miss Selfridge treatment at over 90% off the price of the designer original, its decent looking and it won't break the bank. I'll definitely say YES to their version, I love the Neon skull print scarf the best
LEFT TO RIGHT: Mono Mini Skull Scarf £16 @ Miss Selfridge
Khaki Skull Print scarf £14 @ Miss Selfridge
Neon print Skull scarf £14 @ Miss Selfridge
Skull & Rose scarf £ 14 @ Miss Selfridge
Miss Selfridge are not even hiding the source of their inspiration at all, see below for more proof
Left: Leopard Skull print Scarf £285 @ Net-a-Porter
Right: Leopard Skull scarf £14 @ Miss Selfridge

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