19 May 2011

Hobo or Snob: Haute Hippie vs. Oasis

Today's edition of Hobo Vs. Snob is between the cool American 'Haute Hippie' fashion line and British high street store Oasis. This Haute Hippie Dress is one of the signature 'Haute Hippie looks' with its Ruffle Trims,  it is also currently available in 3 colours plus I'm inclined to believe it must be one of their top sellers as  the same dress was seen about a year ago on Gossip Girl star Blake Lively while filming the Gossip Girl TV series last summer
Blake Lively wearing the Haute Hippie 'take me Now' Ruffle dress in July 2010
I love the way she styled the dress with a slim tan belt, floppy hat and Flat sandals

Now for our Hobo vs. Snob comparison
Haute Hippie 'Take me Now' dress £425 @ net-a-Porter
Oasis Halter Neck midi dress £65 @ Oasis

Both dresses are similar but I prefer the longer length on the Oasis dress, although I'm more in love with the Cobalt Blue hue on the Haute Hippie dress than the Teal colour on the Oasis. That being said at a pocket friendly £65 the Oasis dress is  kind to the eyes as it is on the pocket, have your say people will you be a Hobo and go the Oasis way or be a snob and go the Haute Hippie Way, cast your votes below

What are you?
Hobo (Oasis)
Snob (Haute Hippie)

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1 comment:

Tiny Miyo said...

not sure i like the look on blake lively's, it looks kinda weird on her.